Save Time & The Environment

Are you someone who:

  1. Cares about the increasing awareness of your impact on the environment?

  2. Likes saving time, and appreciates easy payment options and great loyalty efficiency, by ordering coffee ahead with Hey You?

You got it. You spoke! We listened!

With Plastic Free July in full swing over the past few weeks we have had many customers reach out to ask us how they can manage both their love of their reusable cups as well as their love of saving time, and we hear you - we’ve been thinking the same. So here in Hey You HQ we’re working hard on a number of ways in which we can wage our own War on Waste.

The first, and easiest, way you can do this is to select ‘Keep Cup’ in your favourite cafes coffee modifiers (you should find this option where you select your sugars. your milk type, etc.) Some of the cafes on Hey You also offer a discount for the use of a Keep Cup - so keep your eyes out for these!

When you select the Keep Cup option the cafe will receive your order as normal, and will know not to make the coffee in a standard coffee cup, but will instead place your ticket into the line of orders to be made - just like normal.

When you arrive at the cafe all you need to do is provide them with your Keep Cup and you’ve beaten the queue, saved time, collected digital loyalty rewards, had an impact on the environment - and now get to enjoy an amazing coffee. What a time to be alive!

If your favourite cafe on Hey You does not offer the reusable cup (Keep Cup) option in their coffee menu modifiers we would love to hear from you. Either write in to, or ask the venue directly to contact Hey You so we can add it.

In addition to this option Hey You HQ is also working hard on a number of other innovations to support environmentally friendly ordering so watch this space!

Save time (and the environment)!

The Hey You Team