Employment type     Full-time, permanent

Start Date                  Immediate

Reports to                 CTO

Collaborate with       Engineers, Designers, Business

Location                    Ortigas Center, Pasig City, The Philippines


  • Only candidates who have work entitlements in The Philippines can apply.

  • No recruiters or offshore/outsource partners please.



The Role

Hey You is looking a capable PHP Software Engineer who will work with other Engineers, Designers and Business users to develop, manage and maintain our APIs and back-end applications.

You will work as part of a team that is responsible for architecting, writing and testing clean, maintainable, and scalable systems. You will be responsible for the development and maintenance of RESTful APIs, Administration Dashboards, reporting and back-end integration using PHP and possibly node.js frameworks. You will also be involved in the technical support of Hey You’s customers.

You will get to work with a team of top engineers working on the latest mobile and cloud technologies. Typical work hours are between 8am-4pm PHT. 

Your responsibilities

  • Application development, testing and support

    • Develop, test and maintain PHP code

    • Following coding standards, build appropriate unit tests and integration tests

    • Performing peer code review

    • Writing and maintaining technical documentation

    • Supporting back-office by writing database queries or troubleshooting problems

  • Improving existing systems

    • Learn and apply best practices for application architecture or new technologies

    • Work with the DevOps partner to streamline development and deployment

  • Team collaboration

    • Collaborating with other engineers to explore existing systems, determine areas of complexity, potential risks to implementation, and understand application requirements

Your skills


  • Minimum 3 years experience working in Symfony, Laravel or similar frameworks

  • Prefer some experience working in node.js

  • Demonstrable business knowledge in at least 2 business domains, preferably in e-commerce/shopping & hospitality (explain how the business works)

  • Great communication skills and the ability to write supporting documentation and workflows

  • Experience working in agile

  • Experience with CI/CD pipelines/automation

  • Experience working in AWS or other cloud provider

  • Strong Git and Git workflow knowledge


  • Technical domain knowledge in a few of the following modern software paradigms such as:

    • Message queues

    • Service oriented architectures, microservices

    • Serverless computing

    • CQRS & event sourcing

    • Functional programming

    • Docker

    • Test driven development

    • Software security, JWTs, CORS

Ideally you will also

  • Love to code/solve problems

  • Be full of energy and be proud of creating software that people use everyday

  • Have a public git repository, or contributed to projects


  • Bachelor of Computer Science/Engineering or equivalent

  • Minimum 3 years commercial experience in PHP. Preferably around 5 years commercial development experience in total

  • Experience working in remote teams


  • Highly self-motivated and organised

  • Take immense pride in your work

  • Want to be part of something bigger

  • Make technical decisions and stick by them

  • Passionate about tech



About the Hey You Engineering Team

The Hey You Engineering team builds tools that help cafe owners process thousands of orders a day. Our caffeine deprived customers want their coffees faster and more reliably than ever, and we provide the tools that cafe owners need to process orders more quickly and as seamlessly as possible. Our team of cross-functional engineers are currently building the first version of a suite of new products; from conception to product launches and managing core workflows, we’re working towards to optimising every aspect of the online ordering experience.