About Hey You

What is Hey You?

Hey You is an app that lets you beat the queue and place your order before you even arrive at your favourite café or restaurant. When you get there, your order will be waiting for you to pickup right away! With over 1300+ venues available to choose from, your morning coffee or lunch is just a tap away!

How does Hey You work?

Once you’ve signed up you’ll see all nearby cafés and restaurants from the Homepage of the Hey You app. You can also search for other venues or specific food items from the search bar. Select your venue and add items from their menu to your cart. At the Order Review screen you will be prompted to add a payment source. Once you’ve paid you’ll receive an order confirmation from the venue and if they have a loyalty program in place you can automatically earn loyalty stamps towards free food and drinks. Your most frequently ordered items will automatically appear in your favourites, keeping them easily accessible for regular use.

Using Hey You

Where are my favourite orders?

Your favourite orders and favourite places can be accessed by tapping the icon located at the bottom of the Homepage of the Hey You app.

How do I reset my password?

If you have forgotten your password you can reset it within the Hey You app. Ensure you are on the login page with your registered Hey You email address entered and then click the Forgot your password link. If you login using Facebook or Google and have recently updated either of those passwords you will need to re-input the new password when prompted when logging back into the Hey You app.

What device can I use to order?

Hey You is available on Android devices, iPhone devices and on desktop.

How do I pay?

From the Payment settings of the Hey You app you can add your payment source and select your preferred payment method: Pay-as-you-go, Manual Top-up or Auto Top-up. Your designated payment source will be charged each time you order or top-up.

How far ahead should I send my order?

It really depends on your café or restaurant and how busy they are. If you normally have to wait for 10 minutes for your order, then order about 10 minutes in advance. If you are Hosting a Party we suggest giving your Members a few extra minutes to add their order to your Party. Remember, it is important to make sure you are there when your order is ready. Ensure that you make yourself known to the staff when you arrive in case your name and order has already been called.

Why did my Hey You balance get used when I selected my credit card?

Your Hey You balance will be used before your chosen payment source.

What if I want to use my credit card and not my Hey You balance?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Your Hey You balance will be used before your chosen payment source.

Using Party

What is a Party?

Party is a feature on the Hey You app that allows friends, family and teammates to order together, pay for their own food at the same venue and the Party Host picks up for everyone – Team lunches and coffee runs have never been easier. Best of all, there’s no need to split bills.

How do I start a Party?

The latest version of the Hey You iOS app is required – Party feature coming soon to Android. 1. As usual, select a venue you want to order at.
2. Tap the icon located at the top right corner.
3. Connect your contacts and select the people to invite.
4. Attach your custom message and tap Done to send invites.
Now you can wait for your friends to join your Party. When everyone has joined and ordered, place your order and wait for the venue to accept. Once your Party orders have been accepted, head to the venue and let them know who you are picking up for.

How many people can I invite to a Party?

You can currently invite 20 people to a Party. Any more and you’ll need a truck to carry everything back.

Why can’t I find someone on my contact list?

Ensure that you have their mobile number stored in the contacts application of your mobile device. The contacts on your phone is what we use to find people you know on Hey You.

How do I invite another person after sending the Party invite?

You cannot add more people after the Party invitations have been sent. If you have forgotten someone, cancel your Party and start a new one.

Why didn’t my friend receive an invitation?

The latest version of the Hey You iOS app is required – Party feature coming soon to Android. Additionally, notifications from Hey You must be enabled so invitations to your Party can be received.

How do I cancel my Party?

1. Visit the Homepage of the Hey You app.
2. Tap the button on the orange banner.
3. Once redirected to the venue menu, tap the icon on the orange banner.
4. Options should slide up from the bottom. Tap ‘Cancel this Party’.
All Members that have been invited to your Party will be notified.

How do I leave a Party?

1. Visit the Homepage of the Hey You app.
2. Tap the button on the orange banner.
3. Once redirected to the venue menu, tap the icon on the orange banner.
4. Options should slide up from the bottom. Tap ‘Leave Party’.
The Party Host will be notified that you’ve left their Party.

Can I invite other people to a Party that I’ve already been invited to?

No, currently only the Party Host is in control of who gets invited and where the Party will be ordering at.

Why can’t I see my friends’ Party orders in my history?

Only your individual order that you paid for will be displayed in your order history.

What do I do when a Member takes too long to place their order?

If some Members are taking too long to order you have the option to wait or send the Party orders without them. We will automatically notify these Members that it’s too late to place their order and to try again next time.

Who pays for the Party order?

When using Party, all users will pay for their own order individually.

Why did my Party time out?

Parties automatically time out after 1 hour when we’ve detected no activity from the Party Host.

Why did my Party get cancelled?

A Party can get cancelled for everyone if the Party Host has issues with their payment: Insufficient funds, blocked or expired payment source.

Why can’t I invite a friend that’s already in a Party?

All users can only be in one Party at a time. Ask your friend to leave the Party they are currently in or wait till they are done ordering.

Why can’t I invite a friend that’s not on Hey You?

You can’t invite contacts who don’t have have a verified Hey You account. You can share your referral code and invite them to join Hey You. Once they’ve signed up, you should be able to invite them to a Party.

Why does my friend appear more than once on the Review Order screen?

It’s likely they own multiple Hey You accounts that have used the same phone number.

When will the Party feature be available on Android?

We understand it’s not a Party without our loyal Android users so the Hey You product team are sprinting hard to get the Party feature available on Android mobile devices in mid 2019.

About my order

Why was my order not accepted?

Venues can reject your order for specific reasons like: “Out of stock”, “Breakfast has finished” or “The coffee machine is broken”. Most times, venues provide their own custom reason depending on their situation. All orders that are not accepted will be automatically refunded and can take 2-3 days to reflect on your bank statement.

Why was my order missed?

When your order is sent the venue they have a few minutes to accept until it times out. Sometimes cafés and restaurants can get busy and tend to miss orders on their end. We suggest waiting a few minutes before trying again. All orders that are missed will be automatically refunded and can take 2-3 days to reflect on your bank statement.

Anything Else?

Why do I need to verify my phone number?

Upon signing up, you’ll be prompted to verify your account by entering the verification code sent to your registered mobile number. This step has to be completed in order to continue ordering as the security of your account is important to us, and verifying our users through phone verification is a standard measure to increase the level of account security and trust. Note: Only one phone number can be associated with your Hey You account.

Will my phone number be public?

Absolutely not! We do not share your phone number with anyone. Your privacy is just as important to us as your account security. Your phone number remains private with Hey You, and will not be used for commercial use or marketing purposes.

How will you use my phone number?

Your number will be used for you to receive a verification code that you will need to enter to have your account verified. Additionally, if your Push Notifications have been turned off in the Settings of your mobile device we will notify you of any order status updates after you have placed an order.

What happens if I lose my phone or need to change my number?

Changing your phone number is simple and can be changed at any time from the Profile Details section of the Hey You app
1. Tap the “☰” icon on the Homepage.
2. Tap the icon at the top of the screen.
3. Input your new number in the mobile field.
4. Tap Save in the top right corner.

Why do you need access to my contacts?

The contacts on your phone is what we use to find people you know on Hey You so you can invite them to a Party. Don’t worry, your contacts will not be stored or contacted by us.

Why must I allow notifications from Hey You?

Hey You needs permission to send you alerts for Party invitations, order status updates and updates when Party Members place their order.

Why do you need access to my location?

Hey You is a location-based app that depends on Location Services. With your permission, Location Services allows the Hey You app to determine your approximate location and display all the cafés and restaurants that are near you. When prompted for your location we suggest sharing your location while the Hey You app is in use to save battery.

What is the Service Fee?

A Service Fee is charged to all orders placed on Hey You when the Pay As You Go Payment Method is selected. This helps us run our platform and provide related services. The Service Fee is not a credit card payment surcharge and all charges relating to card transactions are paid for by Hey You and are not included as a part of the Service Fee. No Service Fee applies to orders made when the Top Up Payment Method is selected. In order to change Payment Methods select 'Payment' from the menu, there you will find the relevant options.

I can’t find what I’m looking for.

We have a dedicated team that looks after your entire Hey You experience. You can contact us at support@heyyou.com.au