Hey You Innovation Event

May 2018

We were excited to welcome many of our valued partners at the inaugural Hey You Innovation Event. The event was held to get our partners together to learn more about the latest industry trends, Hey You developments and make new connections over a few drinks.

The event kicked off with a panel discussion with industry thought leaders including Luke (Founder and CEO of Sumo Salad), Abdullah (COO at Pablo & Rusty’s), Ali (Owner of Toby’s Estate Cafes), Zach (Owner of Regiment CBD) and Raf (ex-Campos). Some of the key themes that came out as part of this discussion were:

  • Constant innovation is super important to stay ahead and be successful

  • Mobile ordering is an important and growing channel

  • Businesses should be thoughtful how they apply this new channel to maximise the value for their business

  • Customer rewards programs are important but also expensive and need to evolve to be more valuable

We followed the panel discussion with the Hey You team presenting an update on general market trends, data insights plus recent and upcoming new Hey You initiatives. Summary take outs included:

  • Australian hospitality market is forecast to continue to grow

  • Customers are adopting mobile ordering rapidly in the hospitality industry in Australia and overseas

  • Hey You is growing fast based on delivering convenience for customers plus significant marketing investment

  • Sydney coffee prices are relatively low

  • Customer rewards programs are expensive for businesses

  • Hey You is focused on partnering to deliver increase sales for takeaway coffee, lunch and dinner plus dine-in

  • Targeted promotional campaigns via Hey You are delivering strong results for our partners in terms of new customers and lunch orders

  • Upcoming Hey You app design update is more modern and encourages customers to order more (particularly food items)

  • Hey You is working on a new customer rewards program to drive incremental activity from customers with lower cost to partners

  • Dine-in ordering is available through Hey You and represents an opportunity to increase table turnover, spend more seating and reduce staff costs

  • Customer feedback is planned to deliver insights to our partners so they can continue to improve their customer experience

  • Hey You reporting provides useful customer information to enable better connections between partners and customers

  • New tools make it easier to set-up additional sites on Hey You

  • Partners can control their menu item availability via the Venue Manager app, add menu items and soon will be able to update pricing

  • The latest Venue Manager app supports printing orders. For more info on printing or to order a printer, click here.

  • Our platform is built to support stability with significant future growth

You can see the full presentation below.

We ended the presentation by announcing Hey You awards including:

  • Most loyal venue: Sonoma Danks St

  • Shooting star: Regiment Cafe

  • Top Sydney cafe 2018: GG Street Bar

  • Top Sydney lunch venue: IPOH Town - Barangaroo

  • Best lunch promotion: Iron Grill Barangaroo

  • Top Cafe Group: Toby’s Estate

We ended the night with networking drinks and snacks. Some of our partners took the time to share their experience with Hey You on film.

Overall the event was a great success and we would like to thank all those partners that attended. We look forward to seeing more of you at our next event.

The Hey You Team